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Acquire another language the natural way!

Our language department is lead by Alice Ayel
teacher of modern languages (French, Spanish and English) for more than 15 years

Acquire the language the natural way:

  • Get long term impressive results because it is different from the traditional language approaches;
  • It is based on Story Listening: you listen to stories with the intent to understand. When you understand, you acquire the language;
  • Your brain stores the new words effortlessly and permanently because stories generate multiple connections;
  • Create a mental representation of the language;
  • Receive rich language so that you become an autonomous and life-long language learner;
  • Listen and read about what interests you.

Have private online lessons on our dedicated website:

  • Directly from your home or office: you save time, you focus on the language straight away and you quickly go back to your day job when the session is over;
  • Sessions last from 30 to 60 minutes : they are easy to fit in your busy schedule!
  • From 1 to 5 sessions a week: it is flexible according to your needs;
  • Collaboration tools such as chat or screen sharing ensure nothing is missed;
  • Online resources: books, articles and videos so that you keep practicing every day;
  • YOU HAVE FUN: you listen to compelling stories, conversations are about what interest you.

“Learn a new language and get a new soul”



from our happy customers

I truly enjoyed our session today. I am delighted to be working with you and SO pleased that I found you. I will be happy to pay you for today as well… yes, it was that good. The session got me out of my head and away from worries about getting it right and then worrying about being wrong.
ChristophArchitect and father, Weimar, Germany
Thank you very much for all you did for my son! He had an amazing time in Antibes in all ranges (“I love France and the French”). He was surprised, because the school put him into the advanced course.
AthenaMelbourne, Australia
I have enjoyed our last session, it was so much fun exploring and learning a new language with you.Thank you for sending me all these helpful contents, I feel like I am making progress little by little each and every single day ! Looking forward seeing you soon on next session.
LisaMother, UK
Alice was amazing! Daughter loved the session and found it extremely helpful. We’re booking another right now. What a find!What a find! Alice is a professional and extremely talented practitioner. We are lucky to have her assist with our daughter’s language development.
The class was very good! I felt very comfortable for the first time in French. thank you.
ElfyStand-up comedian, London, UK
I’ve been having french lessons with Alice for nearly three weeks now and I cannot recommend her enough. My french has improved enormously through working with her – despite the fact I have dyslexia which has often prohibited me from retaining information. Alice has a variety of tactics to help me remember important words and grammatical details and through her my french conversation is far better than it has ever been. She is very patient, enthusiastic and has a dynamic and creative way of teaching the language – through storytelling in particular.


Web solutions

Our web solutions department is lead by Benjamin Bois
with more than 20 years experience with Internet solutions

Small or big, to be on the web is essential:

  • to present your activity;
  • to sell your product;
  • to tell your story;
  • to grow you business.

You are unique, you always get a customized solution from us:

  • scalable team;
  • open source solutions;
  • fine expertise;
  • dedicated specialists.

“A problem shared is a problem halved”



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